Alan N. Shapiro, Visiting Professor in Transdisciplinary Design, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany

Blog and project archive about transdisciplinary design, media theory and creative coding

Ruben Talberg‘s volte-face paintings “Arcanum”, by Alan N. Shapiro

The development of New Music theory and philosophy with focus on the American composer John Cage, by Marit Trantel

“Nature Disappears Beneath Our Words and Images”: Nicola Toffolini interviewed by Alan N. Shapiro

“I Bring Philosophy and Biotechnology into the Sphere of Art”: Polona Tratnik interviewed by Alan N. Shapiro

What’s the Use of Unrequited Love?, by Vesela Mihaylova

Beginner’s Luck (a Casino Gambling story)

Introduction to Polona Tratnik, by Anja Wiesinger

From The Technological Herbarium, by Gianna Maria Gatti: Artworks of Nicola Toffolini (translated by Alan N. Shapiro)

Impressionist Paintings by Florence Morrison, Installment 3

The Jig She Saw: Reflections on Creating Relational Encounters in Participatory Theatre, by Regan O’Brien

Pietro Mussini: A habitat of an interlocked nature, by Franco Torriani

Eduardo Kac: Living Works, by Claudio Cravero

Impressionist Paintings by Florence Morrison, Installment 2

From Las Vegas (NV) to the Cactus League (AZ)

New York City in Las Vegas