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Multimedia Real-Time Live In-Play Sports Gambling

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I am inside the cockpit with the race car driver. My money is riding with him.

I have some action on Formula One. I have some action on a golf tournament. Fred Couples is my man.

I’ve got 100 dollars on a horse named Willis to win. He looks poised for a 10-length victory. The horses enter the starting gate.

I am in symbiosis with the lovely equine creature. The man-machine interface of the screen and the informational display. The human-animal interface of the jockey and the thoroughbred.

I sit at my workplace from 9 to 5:30, with a 45-minute lunch break. I work. I play.

If one watches a college football game on a cable TV channel like ESPN2, one sees how the game itself has been subordinated to the cult of information, the aesthetics of the Internet, and the speed-mania of the gambler. The much-heralded convergence of television and computers is propelled from both sides, and TV channels already resemble the World Wide Web. As on the Internet (or the archetypal multimedia screen), the football game is now just a video “window” which only takes up a portion of the screen.

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