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Halloween at Bayville Scream Park

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The Car of the Past and Present Acquires Roadkill Trophies

Bayville Scream Park, Bayville, Long Island, New York

All photographs © Copyright 2010, Laura Mitchell

The Car of the Past and Present Acquires Roadkill Trophies
Hunt for the Mystic Gems at Tombstone Creek

This Fall Bayville Adventure Park turns into… Bayville Scream Park

Bloodworth Haunted Mansion

Uncle Needle’s Funhouse of Fear in 3D

Temple Terror

Curse of the Zombie Pirates

Carnival of Wonders

Evil in the Woods

I just saw the movie “The Social Network.” That’s an excellent film. Justin Timberlake does a fine job of acting the character of Sean Parker — as measured in my mind by the degree to which the Parker character totally got on my nerves!

Here’s a big blooper in the film: Parker, the founder of Napster, is supposedly one of the most tech-savvy individuals on the planet. In one scene, Timberlake-Parker is carrying two tall glasses of some drink. The doorbell rings. He sets the tall glasses down on a laptop computer!

That’s a cardinal sin!

Unless you have a death-wish for your hard drive.

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